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Print Professional Name Cards With These Tips

by Cara Roma

Name card printing is still one of the highest demanded services in printing services in Singapore because a lot of businessmen or entrepreneurs require this small yet advantageous tool for their professional career. A name card is a way to properly introduce oneself to people. With a greatly designed name card, you can create the right impression that is strong and lasting so that you can create beneficial business relationships with the right parties and get affiliated with them so that your business can develop and grow base on Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing.

In designing a name card, there are a number of things that you must remember so that the design and printing process can run smoothly and successfully.

First, think of the size of the name card before you start designing:

This is a really good starting point. Before the designing process starts, know the size of the name card that you want to print so that the design can adjust to the paper stock. Ideally, the size of a name card is 84 mm x 5mm. This is the size that is commonly used for formal business, but also for casual purposes. However, you can definitely design your name card in different sizes as long as it is still proper and convenient.

Next, check on the color processing:

The default setting of a design software usually uses RGB colors. However, printers commonly combine four primary colors also known as CMYK color processing. It is best that you change the color settings on the design software to CMYK so that the color processing type matches. Matching the color processing ensures accurate color production, meaning that the colors that are seen on the display of the monitor get printed in the same shade and levels by the printers. This won’t be able to be done if you design in RGB and print in CMYK. So always check for the color settings and convert to CMYK if you forget to change the settings at the beginning.

Make it legible:

Of course, a name card should be able to be read easily. A legible name card means an effective name card. And there’s nothing more important than ensuring that a name card can be read by anyone without problems. The most important aspect of ensuring legibility is the font type followed by the font size. The font type or style that you choose should be simple yet compatible with the design theme and the size should not be too small.

Say no to border:

Avoid including borders in the design of your name card. Adding a border around the edges of your name card makes it difficult during the trimming process because inaccuracies in measurement may occur. The sides might not be uniform and it is quite difficult to get right. Make a clean edge, print in full bleed, and keep all design elements clear within 5 mm from the edges. It is much easier to print name cards with clean background, and you will get better results as well. To get more information you can visit https://www.professorprint.com

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