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Types and Shapes of Company Stamps That You Can Choose

by Joan Jenin

Some days, if you are working in an office, stamping documents is inevitable especially if you are in charge of authorizing and authenticating documents after making the decision for your company regarding something and making an official written statement regarding the matter. This is important to ensure the document’s authenticity and state your company’s responsibility regarding what’s written in the document. Some other days, perhaps you simply need to stamp documents to make it easier for you to organize them into respective piles and either keep them into different categories or throw them away. Or perhaps you simply want to have a stamp for leisure purposes, such as arts and crafts or decorating.

For these various uses, the company stamp is a cheap yet great tool that can help you achieve higher productivity. It is very convenient and beneficial for your day to day office work.

Generally, company stamp comes in three different types, which are the traditional rubber stamp, pre inked stamp, and self inking stamp. The traditional rubber stamp is well known since it is the most basic type of stamp that is everyone familiar with. It works quite the same way as other types of stamps, however it is a little less convenient because it requires a separate ink pad. A self inking stamp and pre inked stamp on the other hand don’t need it because they are pre loaded with ink that is installed in the body of the stamp. These two are a little more advanced and getting more commonly used these days due to their ease of use. A pre inked stamp and self inking stamp can cost a little more than the traditional wooden stamp, but they are definitely worth it especially if you need to be mobile with your stamp. They are light and easy to carry everywhere, and they fit perfectly in your pocket. You don’t have to worry about running out of ink or making a mess from bringing a separate ink pad. If you simply need to stamp on your desk, however, it is completely all right to choose a traditional rubber stamp especially if you wish to save up a little bit more money as it is cheaper than the other alternatives.

There are a few different basic types of stamps that you can choose.

1. Round Stamp

This stamp usually is perfect for logos. It is simple yet elegant and proper. It is absolutely possible to have it made for all types of stamps.

2. Rectangular Stamp

This stamp appears more rigid and formal. It shows less dynamic compared to the round shape of a stamp.

3. Oval Stamp

This is almost similar to a round stamp. It is less rigid and more laid back while still being suitable to use for companies, formal agencies, schools, and organizations.

4. Free Shape

It is also possible to make stamps that don’t have a shape that falls into the aforementioned categories. You can be free with the design you want. However, make sure that you consult it with the manufacturer first to make sure that it is possible to make your design come true.

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