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3 Most Important Tips To Take Note Of For Name Card Design

by Cara Roma

Simply being able to design an aesthetically pleasing Kiasu name card printing is not enough. You have to make sure that the name card that you design is a name card that can leave a strong and long lasting impression toward its recipient. In order to do that, you have to understand that there are a few things to take into account during the designing process and even the printing as well, because a well planned design makes better printing result and vice versa. Simply putting it, designing and printing a name card works together in creating an impeccable name card.

Remember a name card is a tool that represents you as well as the company that you work for or the line of work that you are doing. That’s why it needs to go with a certain theme that is suitable with you and can work toward the recipient of the card. To sum it up, your name card must be designed for your audience. But all in all, here are the important things that you need to understand as you design a good name card.

  1. Name Card Content

First, you have to think about what information do you want to provide in your name card. As a name card only has a limited space, you can only put so much on the design. Remember to only include information that are relevant and important in the design of your name card, and keep it minimal.

A simple name card design is much preferable as people don’t like seeing cramped name card that contains too many words or texts.

Ideally, a name card should include the information of your name, your job or your position in the company, your contact number, and your e-mail. The good optionals that you can include in your design is the information of your website (especially for the line of work that relies on portfolio to prove the quality of your service).

  1. Font

The content of your name card won’t look nice if you can’t choose a good font for it. As a simple name card design is better, you should also keep in mind that you can’t choose a font that is overly stylized. Fonts like that are difficult to read and people tend to get discouraged from reading that kind of font. So, find fonts that are normal and straightforward, suitable for simple and minimalist design.

  1. Color

The choice of colors are important for both the base or background color of the name card, other decorative elements, as well as the text of the name card. Everything should work well with each other, so preferably, find a color palette where the colors surely come out pleasant to the eyes. For the background color and text, make sure that they are of high contrast so that there won’t be difficulties in reading the content. For instance, white background which is a light color should have dark colored text so that everything can be seen.

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