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5 Websites Where You Can Get A Thank You Card

by Joan Jenin

There are certain websites where you can make Thank You cards. When you visit such websites, they have tools that help you to format your card according to the one you choose. This post talks about 5 websites where you can get a thank you card.


Canva lets you design anything and publish it anywhere. This website has a drag and drop feature with layouts that are professional for designing graphics. There are various layouts, social media graphics and design presentations. Millions of images are available. You can upload your own photos or download for illustrations, videos and stock photographs. The website has shapes and items to choose from with various fonts. You can pick from various fonts and from various effects. Canva is used for making Thank You cards, business cards, posters, logos, resumes, flyers and presentations.

99 Designs

99 Designs is another website where you can make a Thank You card. 99 Designs has custom features for you to choose from. 99 designs has professional designs for your Thank You cards and you can tell them to design your Thank You cards. The website has a design studio. 99 Designs is used for making Thank You cards, webpages, websites brands and logo, product labels, product packaging etc.


Photoshop is another website where you can make Thank You cards. Photoshop lets you turn photographs into a beautiful work of art. You can use brushes and pens to paint and draw. Restore, retouch, combine and crop images to your Thank You cards. With Photoshop, you can combine text, elements, artwork and photos. There are many markers, pens, pencils and brushes to choose from. You can paint using platforms that are symmetrical. Use custom brushes for a nice look. You can fine tune photos in Photoshop. Change the snapshots to a beautiful image. Repair, retouch and crop your photos. Remove unwanted elements and apply relevant elements.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another website where you can design Thank You cards. They have a gallery that has various templates for gear spinning. Adobe Spark offers various design combinations. You can use various colours, themes, sizes and text. Adobe Spark offers beautiful topography. You can choose from various fonts for each occasion. The website has iconic images. You can choose from many photos on the internet or select from a personal collection. Choosing the photos can be from Google Photos, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Creative Cloud and Dropbox. You can tweak themes with icons, photos and text.

Paperless Post

This is another website where you can make Thank You cards. Paperless post is for sending Thank You cards online. They have a design tool online which you can use to customise your Thank You cards with the craft of an artist and the efficiency of a pit crew. You can make coloured envelopes, digital backdrops and envelop liners that can show some visual panache. You can use Paperlesspost to send your Thank You card to a friend and you can add the person to an address book online for future use. Paperless post has applications for android and desktop that lets you customise your Thank You cards. They have custom cards to choose from.

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