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Common Seals: 6 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

by Cara Roma

Most people are less familiar with common seals than company stamps. These two items are often used in companies and organizations. But what makes common seals not as popular as company stamps? That is because of its utilization. Company stamps become more popular since many people often see the impression of the stamp on various documents. But for the common seal, people may rarely see it affixed to documents. If you are wondering why the documents with common seal rare to find, or what is exactly the function of the seal? For answers and more information, read some of the FAQs regarding common seals below.   

1. What Is a Common Seal?  

Common seal or corporate seal is a tool that creates embossed information or design on the surface by pressing two halves of its seal together. The seal is needed as a sign of certification and verification. So, once a seal is applied on a certain document, it means that the board of directors or decision-makers has already given their official approval for the documents. 

2. How About the Application of The Seal? 

Things to note that the seal can only be affixed to very important or vital documents after obtaining prior approval from the board of directors or decision-makers. That is the reason why the seal has less popularity than company stamp because its application is quite limited. But what kind of documents that allowed to be affixed using it? Just look at the list below! 

  • High-level contracts 
  • Loan documents 
  • Company resolutions 
  • International business documents 
  • Etc.  

Note: Please pay attention to the state laws regarding the application of the common seal beforehand. Alternatively, you can ask a professional about the application of the seal. 

3. Is the Seal Mandatory in All Countries? 

The answer is no. In some countries, seals are still mandatory. However, in other countries, seals are no longer needed for executing official documents.  

4. Should We Use a Seal? 

Of course, especially if your company or organization is located in a country where a seal is required to authorize documents. But even in a country where the seal is no longer mandatory, many companies and organizations still use the seal. Here are the reasons why! 

  • Authenticity is important, especially for vital documents. So, the seal is applied as a sign of authenticity.  
  • Common seals can reduce the risk of document forgery.  
  • Companies will need a common seal when they have a project or business with an international company where the common seal is still required.  

5. What Information Should Be Included on The Seal? 

Without any design or information, you will get nothing after both of the halves pressed together. So, here is some information that should be included on the seal! 

  • Name of company  
  • Registration number 
  • Year of incorporated 
  • State where the company legally filled 
  • Official logo (if needed) 

6. Where to Get the Seal? 

You can find it at office supply retailers or you can find the common seal makers on the internet. Make sure you have all the information or data that will be needed before buying the seal. 

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