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How has the Food Industry Benefited from Having a Proper Branding?

by Cara Roma

It is indisputable that food is necessary for human survival. However, experts and advertising agencies like Mandreel have understood that food is a product that must be accompanied by images and elements that capture the attention of consumers.

This is because agencies have understood that people have greater confidence in products that are accompanied by a great image presentation. Thanks to the digital era, consumers have different buying habits than in the past and for the food industry, it is a great opportunity to create brand loyal communities.

Fierce competition

The competition that exists in the food industry is impressive. It is all because food markets have grown to very high levels, to the point where consumers are already indifferent to the offerings of the food market.

When a certain product is similar to the competition’s and does not offer any added value, consumers begin to feel indifferent. Under this scenario, advertising agencies, such as Mandreel.com, acquire a fundamental role in managing brands.

To generate a real impact that can last over time, it is advisable to use digital tools such as mobile applications, social networks, blogging, email marketing, influencers, and more.

Advantages of branding in the food industry

Branding and the work done by agencies like Mandreel generate certain advantages in the food industry.

  • Investment: it is important to highlight that investment in advertising campaigns is determined by the brand. However, in the current digital era, it is not necessary to invest large amounts of money to have good results. The investment must be adjusted to the size of the brand and the objectives it sets.
  • Segmentation: on the other hand, with branding, brands can find the ideal consumer groups and create a community loyal to their products. Also, brands can get and interact with their consumers at the right time and under the right circumstances.
  • Feedback: Finally, for advertising strategies to be successful, it is necessary to evaluate the advertising processes and obtain feedback, to measure the results and objectives obtained. With branding and in the modern era, the evaluation of strategies and results can be done in real-time, which means that advertising agencies and brands can make the necessary adjustments if the situation warrants it.

For this reason, advertising agencies and brands spend a lot of time and effort to design effective advertising strategies that work according to the rhythm of the digital era.


Also known as “sensory marketing”, it is a new way to empower brands that belong to the food industry. Neuromarketing is a strategy that is becoming a trend among advertising agencies because they use brain stimulation to drive consumers to perform a specific action.

Through this method, advertising agencies like www.mandreel.com can design and implement effective advertising strategies, which will take advantage of the criteria and behavior of consumers and then put them at the service of the brands’ interests. It is an effective method to capture the public’s attention and to strengthen the brand making it almost irresistible and with the possibility of attracting new consumers.

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