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Marketing Is Such a Big Deal and Here’s Why

by Joan Jenin

You must be familiar with what marketing is. Marketing is one of the most important activities to be carried out in a business process. Marketing is a unit in business that is quite vital in building brand awareness. Not only to build brand awareness, but it goes beyond engaging with your customers, increasing sales, and growing business even far beyond. There are several reasons why marketing is such a thing and you need to watch them in the following article.

The first reason why marketing is such a big deal is that it informs. What does it mean by informs? Basically, marketing is a tool to inform the public about certain information. In this case, marketing will provide information regarding what you want to convey as a business owner or service that you have. If you or someone else want to buy daily necessities, such as food or clothing, you may have certain expectations. Whether it’s in terms of taste if it’s food, or the model of clothes if it’s clothes. This is what you need to bridge through a marketing process. Informing also means giving you a value to create a product or service that can solve the problems that consumers face on a daily basis.

The second reason for this is engagement with your customers. Interacting with consumers is one of the winning keys that you cannot forget as a business owner and a marketer in general. Marketing also contains methods that discuss how to keep the conversation going with consumers. Good communication is one of the most influential forms of engagement in winning the hearts of consumers. Prospective consumers or audiences and of course your existing customers have their own preferences. By communicating with them, you will get very valuable insights into the overall development of your business.

The next reason is of course marketing will drive your sales. A core and purpose of doing marketing is the introduction of your product which will hopefully gain sales. Whether it’s a product or service, if you want to do a business, then you need to do a good marketing strategy. So how can you generate sales? You can start by creating interesting content and inviting people to purchase your products. Whether it’s content in the form of videos or photos. In addition, if you happen to be in a bazaar, then make sure you are friendly and treat your customer well. Making sure you good quality printed post cards, nicely design pull up banners, PVC banners to support your business display. You also need to take the initiative to offer things that your potential customers might need.

The last but certainly not the last that is sustainable. It is undeniable that a good marketing strategy will sustain your business. Essentially, marketing also aims to maintain the existence of your company. That existence is also supported by various efforts to continue to serve consumers with innovation in products and services. In addition, you should also continue to maintain good relations with your consumers. Thus, hopefully, you will continue to survive in the increasingly fierce competition. Good luck! 

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