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Remember These Five Tips for Certificate Printing

by Cara Roma

A certificate is not just a piece of paper. It is something very important that is given as a proof of achievement or accomplishment. Thus, it should feel and look meaningful. There are several things that you can do to make an outstanding looking certificate: 

First, Decide on a Template 

If you are designing a certificate, it is best to use a base or template to start with. You can expand the design after making sure that you’ve got the basics covered. Using a template is much quicker than doing it from scratch and it prevents you from forgetting the essentials in the design of a certificate. 

With a template, you can get a well planned layout that makes the certificate look pleasantly balanced. Once you get a good layout, you can freely choose colors, add more embellishments, and so on. However, make sure that you don’t do it too much. Otherwise, you will only make the design cluttered. A good certificate includes information of title, name of the recipient, the description of the award, and finally the signature line. 

Use Professional Tools 

If you want a high quality design, make sure you use professional tools especially for the printing service to assist you in certificate designing. Certificate printing also requires the most suitable type of printer as well as ink to get the best out of the design that has been made.  

Choose a High Quality Paper 

Papers that can be used for certificate printing differ in weight, meaning that they have different thickness and durability. Simply putting it, the quality of the paper for certificate printing varies. If you want a premium looking name card that looks shiny and elegant, then you should choose a paper that is of high quality as the material of your certificate. It is more expensive than the average quality or even low quality paper, but the result is definitely worth it. You can also consider a textured paper for a more interesting feel. 

Fonts and Colors 

You can add more emphasis to a certain part in the certificate design with a heavily stylized type of font. But don’t choose this kind of font for everything that is typed on the certificate to avoid confusion and difficulty in reading what’s displayed. Make sure that everything is balanced out so that you can get a pleasant looking certificate.  

As for the colors, avoid using too many shades of colors for the design of the certificate. Sticking to minimal yet elegant design is the best way to go for certificate printing. You can add a certain pattern to the background of the certificate, but the colors must match with all the other colors you choose for your certificate design. 

Finally, Finishes 

After your certificate is successfully printed, you can choose to add certain finishes to make the look of your certificate more interesting. One of the most popular types of finish for certificate printing is embossing or debossing, which either elevates or lower the surface of the chosen certain part of the certificate, such as the title of the certificate. 

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