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What NOT to Do While Creating a Bad Logo Design

by Cara Roma

Being a graphic designer is such a hard work. While designing a logo or a social media strategy, sometimes things could turn out wrong. If you are in need to create a logo, you are constantly in doubt weather your client will like your creations or not. That is why having a meeting with the client beforehand could be useful in order to take notes and get a first look at what they may need. But, of course, some mistakes could be made sometimes. Keep reading in order to avoid them! 

  1. Try not to use outdated techniques! 

As every other industry, the graphic design business is constantly absorbing new techniques, effects and trying out different visuals. What used to be cool a few years ago now seems to be dull and not as astonishing as it once was. If your client’s logo was created many years ago, there is a possibility that the techniques used to creating it have expired and gives the whole logo a 90’s vibe. Things change and so should their logos. Try different things until you find something that applies to the client’s brand! 

  1. Avoid adding too many details! 

Before starting with the logo design, you must consider that it will be display everywhere: from social media to product packaging. Details may look good on high quality pictures, but they might look bad if you decide to use them on a smaller scale such as stickers and other printed merchandising objects like pencils, business cards. Your whole logo design could be ruined, and it could look bad for the client. Work with simpler designs, which will not be a trouble if later they decide to print them on small objects. 

  1. It should always communicate something! 

Meaningless logos usually do not cause a great impact and they tend to be forgettable too. Your business should have a logo that transmits to its customers what their brand is all about: what products do you sell and what industry your brand works in. Communication through visuals is one of the most important things a brand should do. If the logo does not give the right information to the customers, then it may be useless, and it will not be a good thing for your business. 

  1. Do not create something generic! 

This one is a no brainer for graphic designers, but it will not hurt anybody to remind this to them. Being creative and design proper logos are way better than just coping something you saw from a magazine or even another brand’s logo you saw on the street. Using the same style and trends that everybody uses will only end up on your creating generic designs and the brand will lose its uniqueness. The market is already filled with all these designs, why don’t you try to do something that every potential client could remember? 

Keep some of these tips while working on logo’s designs in order not to mess it up.

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